Ashley Gwaltney

Please post your comments to my participation in the workshops here! 🙂

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Hey Ashley,
    I just wanted to give you some feedback on the comments you offered in the workshops. I think the strongest element that you brought to the workshop was your genuine encouragement. You always began your statements with positive insight, which I considered to be a very effective way to offer advice. Whether it was a comment about voice, humor, or structure, the gentle attitude you had when interacting with the author was great. I really think it helps when building relationships within your group. Additionally, I like that you offered your readers some strong suggestions on ways that they could strengthen their work. I think that the specificity you offered your readers helped your comments become a lot less intimidating for the author.
    Because of the positive encouragement and effective suggestions that you offered in the workshop, I found myself hoping you would participate more. At times, I felt you were holding back comments. I am not sure if is because you are just a quiet person, but you really have some great things to say, so don’t be afraid to share them with the group. Well, great job and have a great day!